Is Everyone In Your Company Rowing In The Same Direction?


Operation & Finance Consulting

OPS & Finance Roadmap

  • Build Your Team

  • Governance

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Contracts

  • Finance

  • Schedule

  • Data

  • Project Action Item List

  • Accountability

Fractional COO

A functional COO role will help to improve culture, productivity, and the overall bottom-line. Our options provide cost savings, experience, accountability, and immediate results at a fraction of the cost to hire a full-time FTE.

  • Insight into best practices

  • Strategic planning & finance modeling

  • Align teams 

  • Mentor team in program and project management skills

  • Optimize PMO 

  • Streamline project controls systems for both schedule & cost management

Quality Programs & Training

Maximizing the use of lessons learned through national and market-level programs. Napoli provides the client with an end-to-end, consistent quality solution based on diverse implementation capabilities.

  • Installation manuals & training decks tailor specifically for the client's project.

  • Define & implement standard work process & procedures.

  • Market assessments & audit process.

  • Implement quality program to meet ISO9001

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Project Management Training Programs

Designed to help companies increase their bottom line and cost savings, all while helping individual project managers feel more confident and capable in their careers – fast-tracking to their next career objective and beyond!


  • Deployment Mastery (Project Management 101)

    • Contracts, Accounting, Project Execution Plan, Schedule, ​Risk, Managing Subs, & Quality.

  • Path To Leadership

  • Excel for Project Managers

    • Build a project tracker from scratch​​


Centralization, mechanization, and automation will streamline your business. 

We sell and implement project management software that will inspire data-driven decisions

  • Identify issues before the escalation

  • Reduce recovery plans

  • Increase visibility in the field

  • Measure performance

A tool that will shape the way your team already works. Our tool bends to your business. Assemble, view and share the data the easy way.


Driving efficiencies through standardization of both process and repeatable design. We serve as the client’s change agent by helping to organize the many variations that can be introduced by differing market organizations, equipment vendors, and organizational backgrounds, taking care not to compromise the client’s managerial control at the local levels.

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You have some ambitious growth and expansion goals to achieve this year

Do you have the right partner to plan and execute them?


Meet Michael Trampetti, founder of Trampetti Management Group. 


Year after year, we continue seeing the same thing - strong visions, incredible revenue growth and expansion, but a weak and limited infrastructure to handle it. In addition, the majority of leaders are ill-equipped to properly diagnose the areas of the business that hold them back. 


But we don’t just diagnose, we work with you and your operations team to quickly and effectively troubleshoot, correct, overhaul, and improve all areas of your operations that keep you from your unique vision being made real. Consider TMG your operational special forces - highly experienced and equipped to eliminate the hurdles that keep your company from handling all that you have planned for it.


Wondering if TMG is a good fit for you?


We get it. In our experience, many leaders relate to these. And it’s completely NORMAL. The best leaders and teams don’t have all the answers, but instead share a secret knowledge that sets them apart from the mediocre companies - that the best way to achieve your company vision is to ensure you have the right people, processes and tools to properly scale and expand with your business. And that’s precisely what you get with TMG. The peace of mind to continue growing and expanding, while knowing your business is ready for it.


What are your current challenges?


Most likely, we’ve had experience with them. Mike Trampetti has spent the last 20 years helping companies identify gaps in their operations that hold them back from more. He is expert in working alongside your COO, CFO and various leadership to help your entire organization work better together. 



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