Is Everyone In Your Company Rowing In The Same Direction?


Operation & Finance Optimization

Operational effectiveness and financial stability drive business success. We work closely with your team to identify potential barriers, develop personalized solutions and implement a comprehensive plan to optimize your operations and financial processes in order to accelerate growth and maximize potential day in and day out.

Contract Optimization Officer

Not all organizations have the resources to support a full-time Chief Operating Officer (COO) to implement operational procedures and ensure goals are met. We offer the option to bring on an experienced, executive-level partner on a part-time basis to drive operational strategies, enhance productivity and improve your bottom-line - all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Project Management Optimization

Experienced, well-trained project managers provide the expertise critical to developing and implementing a successful project plan. Our project managers are armed with a comprehensive playbook, uniquely tailored to your organization and designed to increase your bottom line and cost savings.

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Talent Optimization

Talent optimization is the strategic process of maximizing business results by optimizing the performance and experience of individuals, teams, and organizations.

System & Tool Optimization

Having the right systems and tools in place is critical to business success. We work closely with your team across all areas of the organization to review current infrastructure and provide recommendations on systems and tools to centralize, optimize and automate your business.


Working smarter and not harder enables your team to perform at their highest level. We help to review and evaluate current variations with a goal of implementing standardized processes and reproducible procedures in order to drive organizational efficiencies.

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You have some ambitious growth and expansion goals to achieve this year

Do you have the right partner to plan and execute them?


Meet Michael Trampetti, founder of Trampetti Management Group. 


Year after year, we continue seeing the same thing - strong visions, incredible revenue growth and expansion, but a weak and limited infrastructure to handle it. In addition, the majority of leaders are ill-equipped to properly diagnose the areas of the business that hold them back. 


But we don’t just diagnose, we work with you and your operations team to quickly and effectively troubleshoot, correct, overhaul, and improve all areas of your operations that keep you from your unique vision being made real. Consider TMG your operational special forces - highly experienced and equipped to eliminate the hurdles that keep your company from handling all that you have planned for it.


Wondering if TMG is a good fit for you?


We get it. In our experience, many leaders relate to these. And it’s completely NORMAL. The best leaders and teams don’t have all the answers, but instead share a secret knowledge that sets them apart from the mediocre companies - that the best way to achieve your company vision is to ensure you have the right people, processes and tools to properly scale and expand with your business. And that’s precisely what you get with TMG. The peace of mind to continue growing and expanding, while knowing your business is ready for it.


What are your current challenges?


Most likely, we’ve had experience with them. Mike Trampetti has spent the last 20 years helping companies identify gaps in their operations that hold them back from more. He is expert in working alongside your COO, CFO and various leadership to help your entire organization work better together. 



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